Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Operating Hours?

Our operating hours are from 9AM – 5PM, Monday through Sunday. We will be open Christmas and New Year’s Eve from 9AM – 1PM and will be closed Christmas and New Year’s Day.

What Sizes of Storage Units Do You Offer?

5×5, 5×10, 5×12, 5×15 (typically hold tote bins, lamps, sports supplies, and chairs). 7×16, 8×10, 8×14, 10×10, 10×13, 10×14, 10×15 (can hold small furniture such as dressers, bookshelves, coffee tables or a mattress). 10×16, 10×17, 10×20, 12×13, 15×10, 15×18 (can hold living room furniture such as couches as well as bed furniture, queen and king size beds, dining room sets, office furniture and kayaks).

How Is Security Handled at Your Facility?

We have advanced security and provide locks if needed. We also always have a staff member available onsite during business hours.

What Is the Rental Agreement Term?

We offer month-to-month rentals, with rent due on the first of each month.

Can I Access My Storage Unit After Hours?

Yes, we offer after-hours access, with a time set between 5am-10pm.

Do You Offer Climate-Controlled Units?

Our facility is fully climate controlled, with the goal of keeping your stored possessions from exposure to extreme heat, cold or excessive humidity.

What Items Are Prohibited from Storage?

Storing or using materials in the storage space or on the facility classified as hazardous or toxic under any law is prohibited. Including perishable goods, such as jewelry, works of art or a total excess value of $5,000.

How Do I Pay My Rent?

To make a payment you can do it online by creating a username and password for our software. We would also be happy to help make a payment over the phone with a debit or credit card. Another option would be to come in during business hours and pay with check, money order, cash, debit, or credit.

Can I Change My Storage Unit Size After Renting it?

If you need to downsize or need a bigger unit, we can always transfer you to a much more accommodating space.

What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

We do not offer insurance; insurance will need to be provided for the lease agreement.

Are There Any Discounts or Special Offers?

We are currently offering a move in special and if you pay for six months in advance, you get one month free. We also offer senior discounts.